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2021 Traveler Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for a gift for the traveler in your family or one for yourself, these ideas will surely delight any traveler, whether at home or on the move!



Every time I travel to a new place, food is a standout thing I seek out and look to replicate at home. With this kit, you can bring the taste of travel home to anyone!

eat2explore is an award-winning educational food and culture explorer box inspiring families to cook, taste, and discover different world’s cuisines and cultures.



It seems that each time I take a trip, there are more and more cords, chargers, and ports to keep track of. The Bellroy tech kit is a small case that is easy to fit in any carry on, backpack, or purse and keeps all of your essential cords organized and in one place.



I used to use gallon size zip lock bags to roll up and pack my clothes. This seemed to be a good way to stay organized, although it was not very sustainable. Now that I have packing cubes, I have a sustainable way to pack in an organized fashion AND stay organized throughout my trip (which is the hardest part of packing. I cannot imagine going back to a time without my cubes and am a firm believer that all would benefit from a set.



When you’re on a long flight (5 hours or more), chances are, you’re not going to move around too much during that time. When you’re cramped in a small space and not moving around, circulation between your heart and lower legs slows down. Your calf muscles are what send blood from the bottom half of your body back up through your circulatory system to your heart. When these muscles aren’t constricting, circulation isn’t happening efficiently. You may experience swelling, tingling, and discomfort. The reduced circulation can also put you at a higher risk for pulmonary embolisms and blood clots. If you don’t have a prescription for compression socks, nonmedical support hosiery are the compression socks generally recommended for travel.

I particularly like the Charm King brand as there are so many designs to choose from for any person!



Like I mentioned before, food is a top priority in travel and can tell a lot about a culture. Bring the travel experience home with the specially compiled book of recipes from around the world

Covering all seven continents, Gastro Obscura serves up a loaded plate of incredible ingredients, food adventures, and edible wonders. Ready for a beer made from fog in Chile? Sardinia’s “Threads of God” pasta? Egypt’s 2000-year-old egg ovens? But far more than a menu of curious minds delicacies and unexpected dishes, Gastro Obscura reveals food’s central place in our lives as well as our bellies, touching on history–trace the network of ancient Roman fish sauce factories. Culture–picture four million women gathering to make rice pudding. Travel–scale China’s sacred Mount Hua to reach a tea house. Festivals–feed wild macaques pyramid of fruit at Thailand’s Monkey Buffet Festival. And hidden gems that might be right around the corner, like the vending machine in Texas dispensing full sized pecan pies. Dig in and feed your sense of wonder.

“Like a great tapas meal, Gastro Obscura is deep yet snackable, and full of surprises. This is the book for anyone interested in eating, adventure and the human condition.” –Tom Colicchio, chef and activist



As someone who continually pushes the weight guidelines on luggage, no matter how hard I try to lighten the load, a portable luggage scale is an absolute necessity. It is especially helpful on longer trips where I am getting souvenirs and wine to bring home. The fact that it is small and lightweight makes it easy to fit and bring anywhere.



Even before Covid-19, I carried hand sanitizer everywhere. But now, it is even more important. I love the OLIKA brand as it contains aloe, helping my hands to stay hydrated throughout all of its use as well as on the dry aired airplanes. Sanitizer is always a good idea, and this one is a great one!



The perfect gift for any world traveler is a scratch off map. I know that I look forward to scratching off each destination I visit, and it makes a great conversation starter. I love this particular map as it has the world and each country's flag as well as each US state individually outlined. I cannot imagine a better gift for the world traveler!



I have been using a life straw for many years and it is an indispensable part of my travels. I have used it in streams on many backpacking trips as well as in multiple countries. It purifies any water from any location and is much more lightweight and sustainable than purchased bottles of water. I cannot recommend a life straw enough for any camper or world traveler.



As a videographer, it is hard to bring all the gear I deem necessary in a compact manner. The GorrillaPod is not only compact, but it is flexible enough to bend into any shape. I have put my DSLR camera on this and attached it to trees, cliffs, ATVs, and so much more. And when I am not using it, it sits compactly on the side of my daypack. This tripod is an absolute necessity for any traveling photographer out there.



For the world traveler, adapters are always a search, and it becomes even more complicated when there is a multi-country trip. The OREI All in 1 adapter solves this as it has 3-2 prong plugs from all countries except South Africa. It unit only weighs 4.5 ounces, and measures 2 x 2 x 2.5 inches. It even adapts voltage automatically. It is the perfect travel companion for any world traveler.



Today's traveller is always on the move. Their trips are frequent, they think globally, and they treat hotel lobbies and bars as social spaces, conducting meetings or hunkering down, for hours at a time, with their laptops. Drinking is part of these everyday rituals, and so in this context the hotel bar's role acquires an even greater significance.

Behind the Bar shines a light on 50 signature cocktails from the most iconic hotel bars across the world, appealing to tried-and-true cocktail lovers and design aficionados alike. Recipes from some of these storied properties will inspire enthusiasts to re-create timeless cocktails at home. Anecdotes supplied by barkeeps and hotel and design personalities will enliven the recipes that reveal why so many hotel bars have endured through the years or have made an impact on the modern world.



There are toothbruch cases that hold a toothbrush in its own wet filth, and there is the UV sanitizer. This portable case sanitizes the toothbrush at any place and any time. Even if you aren't a traveler, I recommend getting a UV toothbrush sanitizer.


Of course the traveler will always need a place to stay. And what better way to add to an experience than to take the cost of travel down a bit. A gift card is perfect as any traveler can choose from a variety of locations to stay on their next trip. Who would not want this?


Just like the fact we will all need a place to stay, the traveler will also need a way to get to their destination. And flights are not seeming to get any cheaper right now. Why not gift the joy of a new destination with a card for air travel?

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