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Top Fall Color Destinations

There are many places that can boast beautiful autumn views, fall festivals, and delicious foods, but there are a few that take the pumpkin spice cake. Grab your warm oversized sweater and your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to head to these beautiful locations!


Photo by Polybert49

When to go: September – November

Where to go: Kingley Vale (West Sussex), New Forest (Hampshire), Westonbirt (Gloucestershire)

England, like all other spots, transforms into a crimson dreamland as the leaves change. However, England has many parks and locations just outside of the cities where you can go to see the magnificent fall foliage.

London offers beautiful views as well as a few incredible fall events for when you take a break from marveling at the leaves.

The 19th edition of the London Design Festival will take place across the city from 18-26 September 2021. Mirrors, a music festival hosting incredible indie acts, typically takes place in the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November, but due to Covid-19, no date has been announced for the 2021 year.


Photo by Bryan

When to go: October – December

Where to go: Kyoto, Lake Towada & Oirase Stream (Tohoku), Nikko, Fuji Five Lakes

Japan has beautiful sites to view nature year-round, but the fall foliage adds an extra special viewing season. Fall is the second most popular time to visit Japan, but travel in Japan typically costs less at this time.

In addition to the stunning fall views, you can enjoy some seasonal cuisine such as pumpkin croquettes, salt-grilled sanma, and matsutake mushroom soup. The delicious cuisine is just the pumpkin spice icing on the cake when it comes to the wonderful and culture-filled time you will have in Japan.


Just a quick glance at what you’ll see in Switzerland

When to go: September – November

Where to go: Zurich, Switzerland

Being known for its epic hiking and stunning views, it is no surprise that Switzerland is a great place to go in the fall.

In addition to the breath-taking fall sights, Switzerland celebrates a broad harvest at this time. While on your trip, you can try fresh items such as walnuts, chestnuts, truffles, pumpkins, and more! There are even many fairs starting around mid-September that sell artisan products and local foods.

For the best fall views, Engadine is a must as it is known as one of Europe’s best destinations for fall color viewing.


Photo by Ernesto Andrade

When to go: September – December

Where to go: Everywhere

Canada has miraculous fall views almost everywhere in the country.

In Western Canada, you must visit the Rocky Mountains. The weather is perfect at this time and the mountains have some of the best fall colors to view. If you go to Toronto, take some epic hikes with wonderful views at Algonquin Park and The Bruce Peninsula.

The East side of Canada may have some of the best views of all. If you are in Eastern Canada during the fall, you must take the Fundy Coastal Drive (New Brunswick) and drive along The Cabot Trail Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia).


Photo by Fotorus

When to go: September – November

Where to go: Edinburgh

The best time for fall viewing in Scotland is definitely October as the fall leaves are at their finest. Fall is also the time that many of the wildlife come out and can be seen. You can see red deer, barnacle geese, swans, and more. Though many think Scotland is filled with evergreens, almost one fifth of Scotland is covered with trees that change color.

In addition to the beautiful fall foliage and the wildlife, you will have the opportunity to have seasonal jams and fall desserts as well as some of the most delicious oysters and shellfish, all of which are best in October.

United States of America

Photo by Reshma Mallecha

When to go: September – December

Where to go: Maine, Vermont, New York, Greenville

The USA is expansive when it comes to locations for fall foliage viewing, which is what makes it so attractive as a fall destination. There are many different landscapes from mountains to large cities that give you different perspectives all in one country.

For more nature-based destinations, check out Wildwood Trail (Oregon), Bear Lake (Rocky Mountain National Park), or Acadia National Park (Maine).

If cities are more your style, visit Boston (Harvard’s campus is a must to walk through), New York City (Central Park is stunning during this time), Chicago (with multiple music festivals and the Great Chicago Fire Festival there’s lots going on), and Nashville (the Independent Music Festival and Americana Festival are also in the fall).


Photo by Natalie Nielsen

The fall views in Denmark just cannot be compared to any other as its orange vibrancy will make your mouth drop. Though it gets quite windy, this is easily forgotten the moment you see that the entire country is painted orange.

Along with the beautiful fall foliage, Denmark has a serious harvest season and you will be able to enjoy freshly harvested potatoes, beets, cabbage, and more. I recommend lining up your trip with Kulturnatten, a cultural festival taking place in 2021 on October 16. All museums, galleries, churches, and local businesses open their doors for free to celebrate Copenhagen’s culture.

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